2014 – 2017

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Redesigning the Mobile Experience

Build customer loyalty, providing an innovative service and profiled and geolocated information. To satisfy this need, iCoop was born, a web & mobile platform that allows Coop Italia and its associated Cooperatives to manage and diversify the contents of a single app, which is set up according to the user’s profile, position and choices.


iCoop has been developed with the proprietary technology DesktopMate®, a powerful management system that, through a Web console, allows: the brand to manage functions and contents common to the entire territory served, the point of sale to manage functions and contents that are specific for its own territory and its consumers.

Mobile & Proximity Marketing

at the services of GDO


Login through social media

View sales points and schedules

View promos

Manage shopping list

View the rewards catalog

View loyalty card data

Access webview services

Integrate existing apps


Self scanning through both barcode scanning and NFC technology

Shopping list integrated with self scanning

RadioCoop showing the offers of the point of sale

Video instructions for the app made by RadioCoop

A privileged entry into the Coop world

Through iCoop it will be possible to access to two other applications realized by Softec: Coop Origini and Primo Diario Crescendo. The first one is a mobile app created to integrate the “Origini Trasparenti” campaign, linked to the tracking of products on the shelves. The second is a digital diary, where you can annotate, upload videos and photos of your children’s early years, organized in special moments to remember.

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