Senior Service Designer

Softec is seeking an experienced and motivated Senior Service Designer for the office of Milan.
The ideal candidate will communicate and envision service concepts and ideas using methods & tools that illustrate all the components and touchpoints of the service.
With a strong understanding of people behaviour, analytical skills and the ability to handle service design workshops and co-creation activities with our international clients.


  • Understanding client’s needs and partnering with them to co-create innovative solutions
  • Developing concepts, including the creation of personas, customer journey maps, stakeholder maps, and value network maps, within specific service scenarios, providing user flows and use cases
  • Inspiring and supporting the team along the design process
  • Doing qualitative research, thus offering deep insights for a better understanding of users’ habits and needs
  • Capacity to design services and products in a holistic way, by considering all the touchpoints in a network of interactions and users
  • Presenting and sharing ideas to real people, business stakeholders and end-users


  • At least 3/4 years of relevant experience in Service Design
  • Good knowledge of digital technologies and their impact on the feasibility of design solutions
  • Well acquainted with the principles and practices of the Design Thinking
  • Excellent in communication, verbal and written, with a strong ability to present the project
  • Proficiency with design and prototyping tools
  • English and Italian languages

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