Experience Design

The Digital Transformation of a company stands through the redesign of the Customer Experience. Redesigning the brand ecosystem, developing new touchpoints and new interaction procedures it’s the heart of what we do.

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The physical location activated by digital tools will be able to offer personalized experiences, which will continue online, reactivating the purchasing cycle

The number of touchpoints keeps growing, while channels and devices keep creating fragmented, not so relevant but very expensive, digital ecosystems. In this context, Softec proposes a planning method focused on the real needs and requirements of the final customer.

A method based on “Design Thinking” and “Human Centered Design” which builds and develops the entire “brand ecosystem”, building new relationships and interaction models with the final customer through a deep study of all the Customer Experience’s steps.

Relying on a long experience of digital services and interfaces design and thanks to a Data Intelligence proprietary platform, Softec is able to connect the physical and the digital by creating a continuum experience, supporting Brands and Retailers in building efficient buying paths in the digital and physical sale points, in order to deliver a real business value.

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Human Centered Design

Customer Experience Design - Human Machine Interaction Design - UX Design - Immersive Interfaces Design - Screenless Interaction Design

Service Design

Multi-Interface Design - Multi-Ecosystems Processes Design - Employee Experience Design

Content Marketing

Content Strategy - Storytelling - Content Curation - Gamification - Video Production

Visual Design

Brand Identity - Product Design

Data Driven Marketing

We connect data and insights to converge all tactical actions towards a mutual strategy, combining technology, contents and media into a highly impactful project that constantly enhances ROI.

Digital Transformation

We build intelligent and connected digital tools that allow customers to be informed, interact, buy, participate and live a more and more personal and relevant experience with brand and product.


We develop and apply technology to collect data and insights, simplify users’ mobile experience, automate marketing and amplify the contact among physical and digital.