Digital Transformation

A strategic asset able to create a bridge between the physical dimension and the digital one and to offer a more and more connected, intelligent and personalized experience. This, for us, is technology.

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We connect spaces, objects, people and process to provide you and your customers with the right information at the right time.

Digital and social platforms have significantly modified consumers’ behaviours, more and more autonomous and demanding towards the brand. To satisfy them, engage them, involve them and improve their loyalty, Softec’s “Solution Building” keeps on evolving its digital competencies to meet the final customer’s needs with more and more appropriate and innovative technologies and services.

That’s why, next to Proprietary IOT (Internet of Things) platforms to collect, analyse and structure insights about the physical and digital customer experience, Softec has developed a series of applications and interfaces to “instantly put data at work”, in order to enhance Customer Experience, support customer service and brand engagement.

For example, since 2016, Softec has developed a series of tailor-made solutions for Pepper, the first social robot able to understand and react to human emotions and, in synergy with 1177, he’s reinventing retail experience exploring new sales channels with “connected vending machines”.

Digital Enabled Ecosystems

Service Architecture - Smart Banking - Physical Digital Integration - Industry 4.0 - Smart Cities

Intelligent Apps

Virtual Personal Assistants – Autonomous Business Processes - Continuous Interfaces - Advanced Analytics

Intelligent Things

IOT (Internet of things) – Robotics - Connected Vending Machines - Connected Cars - Domotics

Applied AI

Machine Learning - Natural Language Processing - Conversational Systems

Experience Design

We design the entire relationship experience among brand, product and the final customer. We plan digital ecosystems to create a Customer Experience in line with the users’ real needs and the business goals.

Data Driven Marketing

We connect data and insights to converge all tactical actions towards a mutual strategy, combining technology, contents and media into a highly impactful project that constantly enhances ROI.


We develop and apply technology to collect data and insights, simplify users’ mobile experience, automate marketing and amplify the contact among physical and digital.