Data Driven Marketing

Converting customers into clients or leads: to help you optimize your performance, we’ve involved four highly-specialized teams that will drive you, on a strategic and executive level, through all Search, Social, Advertising and Analytics activities that your brand deserves.

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In a context of multi-touch conversations and diverse sources, the user goes back to the centre of the process.

Nowadays Customer Experience is more and more complex and the points of contact between brands and customers are more numerous and fragmented into different channels and devices. That’s why data play an essential role, as they allow all tactic actions to converge towards a mutual strategy involving technology, media and contents, monitored through precise KPIs and constantly optimized in terms of performance.

Our Data-Driven approach enables us to track every single step of the Customer Journey – whether it is an impression, an interaction or a click – creating custom audiences for the brand and driving the user towards the action through predictive and hypertargeted contents.
A strategic project that allows to obtain a strong impact on the target and constantly increase ROI.


Search Engine Advertising - Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy - Social Engagement - Community Management & Social Caring - Monitoring & Reporting - Social Listening


Performance Media Marketing – AD Management - Display Advertising

Data Monitoring

Analytics - Persuasive Technologies

Experience Design

We design the entire relationship experience among brand, product and the final customer. We plan digital ecosystems to create a Customer Experience in line with the users’ real needs and the business goals.

Digital Transformation

We build intelligent and connected digital tools that allow customers to be informed, interact, buy, participate and live a more and more personal and relevant experience with the brand and products.


We develop and apply technology to collect data and insights, simplify users’ mobile experience, automate marketing and amplify the contact among physical and digital.