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The Yamaha Music Phygital Event Experience

How to leverage on digital and social media to engage fans and amplify the brand experience? Yamaha Music has asked Softec to create a Phygital Event Experience online and offline before, during and after three Yamaha Discovery shows in Milan.

Yamaha Discovery events were an opportunity for the brand to strengthen the community building with fans and followers and to establish a relationship with artists and music social influencers, other than to attract piano enthusiasts and drive leads through the participation in the events.

Be in the front row or follow the Social Streaming

Consumer activation was one of the pillars of the Social Media Strategy: fans and followers could gain an exceptional seat at the events if they would narrate, through User Generated Contents published with #YamahaDiscovery, their link with the brand and the topic of the event: notes and psychology, music and emotions, music and travel. For the audience outside Milan, events were accessible through Social Live Streaming on Facebook.

Reconcile physical and digital experience

A social and digital strategy focused on orchestrating different channels and touchpoints on and offline, as well as collecting data useful to make the experience with the brand more relevant.


A multichannel editorial plan was created in order to follow events before, during and after. Contents were amplified thanks to an advertising coverage from a data driven perspective.


Each event was filmed and published live on Instagram and Facebook, directly engaging both audience from home and people attending the physical event. At the end of each show, social videos were created, giving the community an opportunity to live the experience again.


A few top music and lifestyle influencers and a list of micro-influencers was activated during the events in order to amplify the reach of Yamaha Discovery.


participants in the events


social visualisations


social interactions
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