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Psoriasi 360’s Social Media Storytelling

Brief and goals

Janssen, the pharmaceutical company part of the Johnson & Johnson Group has hired Softec to create and develop a Social Engagement strategy to enhance the launch of the new “Dimensione T” campaign. The initiative comes from the collaboration between Dermatology doctors and the ANAP Onlus Patients Association and is dedicated to patients suffering from dermatological diseases such as psoriasis.

The aim of the campaign was to intercept a topic-sensitive audience through social media and convey a positive message of the disease.

Social Channel

The launch took place on Instagram and Facebook to increase awareness about psoriasis by inviting fans and followers to share their experiences through posts and stories.

Social Engagement

The visual storytelling is based on the centrality of 3 elements such as Trust, Therapy and Time that make up the concept of Dimensione T. To convey these concepts, visual templates have a strong emotional impact in order to create engagement and at the same time provide all the information needed to fight the disease.

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