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Data Driven Books Marketing

Brief and goals

Mondadori has asked for Softec’s consultancy for two different company’s branches: Rizzoli / Mondadori Libri and Mondadori Digital.

Mondadori Libri / Rizzoli had two main goals: raising awareness concerning in-store purchases and attract traffic to the e-commerce portals in order to download e-books.

For Mondadori Digital instead, Softec manages the campaigns of app downloads of the main weekly and monthly magazines.

Softec‘s support has provided strategic advice for reaching the goals mentioned above. On an executive level, all data driven campaigns are managed and monitored on different channels, providing the relative reporting.

Data Driven Strategy

Starting from the data Softec has defined the reference target, studying the users’ behavior and evaluating the formats that perform better than the predetermined KPIs.

Based on previous performance, together with the customer, Softec has collected user data to be reused in subsequent campaigns.

Thus, a target segment that interacts well with the ads about a given book genre is taken as a reference for a subsequent campaign of the same kind, even for a different title.

Direzione: Programmatic ADV

After obtaining excellent performances from the adv campaigns launched on the more traditional channels (Facebook and Google in particular), Mondadori Rizzoli relied on Softec to enter the Programmatic Advertising dimension. As a tool with great potential especially in increasing brand awareness (one of Mondadori’s main focus), Programmatic Advertising allows to launch highly targeted and automated campaigns, that reach the right target at the right time and are optimized in real time, without the need for human intervention. Programmatic has proved to be an excellent ally in achieving the goal of awareness, especially for the promotion of titles of interest to a more specific audience.

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