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Ecosystem Redesign

Website Ecosystem Redesign

Brief and goals

Logicom Group, international group of leading information technology companies, involved Softec to redesign the Group’s digital ecosystem, strengthen the digital brand identity and amplify its business proposition to reference markets (Cipro, Malta, MENA, GCC) through digital touchpoints.

The design and digital business strategy project included not only the Group’s website but also Logicom Distribution, Logicom Solution and NewCytech’s websites and digital properties.

Digital Strategy and new ecosystem Design

The planning of the new ecosystem has developed in two directions through a series of workshops and one-to-one interviews with corporate stakeholders. The first direction, business centered, aims at positioning the new websites as a strategic touchpoint in order to generate new contacts and nurture the already loyal customer base, as well as reinforcing the business synergies of the entire Group by redesigning the ecosystem.

The second one instead, more focused on corporate branding, aims to strengthen and amplify the digital presence through: storytelling, the showcase of the most important customer cases, the production of strategic position papers and the definition of a new social strategy for all Group’s companies.

From StoryTelling to ServiceSelling

The design of the new ecosystem was guided by a well-defined vision: considering websites not only as a communication and corporate storytelling touchpoint, but strategically as a digital business ecosystem built to mutually strengthen the single companies.
Following this perspective, content and service tools are the key to attract, generate leads and drive the retention path and the acquisition of new customers.

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