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“Il gusto non mente”: data and content to make brand storytelling relevant, generate traffic and lead

Brief and goals

Build a new touchpoint able to support Fratelli Carli’s brand storytelling and intercept users’ need of information about topics that are strategic for the brand: the world of olive oil, many tasty recipes and new food lifestyle trends.

Softec met this challenge and gave birth to a content Hub called “Il gusto non mente(Taste can’t lie), a touchpoint built from a data driven perspective to offer always relevant content, in line with the actual users’ online researches.
An authoritative point of reference that combines information and inspiration, storytelling and education about the major issues of the Mediterranean diet.

Data Driven Content

The editorial hub integrates with all touchpoints of the ecosystem, providing new and effective content all the time in order to engage users in an omnichannel experience. The goals of the editorial hub are multiple:

  • generate qualified leads to the e-commerce
  • produce quality content to support brand strategy and corporate storytelling
  • enhance the brand’s strategic topics in the SERP
  • optimise and strengthen the social media editorial plan

Human Centered Brand Storytelling

Inform, inspire, reassure and engage. These are the hub’s four key goals towards users that search for the brand and Fratelli Carli’s products online.

SEO Thinking

Engage and inform an audience leveraging on the search marketing potential. The Hub proposes user-targeted content rich in topics, keywords and images readable also by search engines. Thus, SERP ranking is enhanced too, leading qualified traffic to the website.

Drive to Conversion

Generate traffic towards product e-commerce. Creating a networking relationship and community around the content enables to drive regular and qualified leads towards conversion touchpoints. Tradition and innovation intersect on topics that are important for the consumer, such as environmental sustainability and the production chain, the authenticity of flavours and products, the new trends of the Made in Italy cuisine.

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