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Gourmet shopping gets omni-channel!

To support Fratelli Carli in their path to digital transformation in order to make its distribution model and customer relations evolve in an omni-channel perspective.

The Ligurian agency’s distribution model has always been based on direct selling and home delivery through the iconic green truck. Fratelli Carli’s products, indeed, can’t be found in supermarkets: at the beginning they could only be purchased via mail order or by telephone, while today they can be ordered online or bought directly at the Emporios, a network of single branding stores opened in numerous Italian cities.

To reach this goal, Softec designed an innovative shopping experience, where customers and prospects could buy some specialties of the Ligurian gastronomic tradition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, interacting with a state of the art Connected Vending Machine.

An increasingly connected and multi-channel commercial ecosystem

The refrigerated Vending Machine has been installed next to the entrance of the Monza Emporio, in the heart of the city, perfectly integrated with the beautiful historic building that hosts it. The balance between innovation and tradition is once again the company’s emblem.

In Fratelli Carli’s commercial model, the vending machine forms part of a revolutionary touchpoint, able to merge physical and digital channels and to offer a phygital experience to users, in perfect balance between these two dimensions.

A new touchpoint to reduce the distance between customer and company

The experience offered by the vending machine concerns all phases of the customer journey: from initial engagement to products discovery, until the moment of purchase, managed through a digital payment system.


Anyone walking in front of Monza Emporio, at any time of day, including weekends, will be captured by the appealing images and animations that alternate on the 46-inch high-definition touchscreen monitor.


Customers and curious people are invited to discover the features of three kinds of sauces (Pesto Sauce, Pesto Without Garlic Sauce and Walnuts Sauce) and two formats of fresh pasta (Trofiette and Pansotti), ideal for preparing an authentic Ligurian dish in just a few minutes.


Each product sheet comes with some easy-to-prepare recipes that the user can take home simply by scanning a QR Code with the smartphone.


Interacting with the touchscreen monitor, it is possible to purchase Ligurian specialties, easily paying via the contactless POS integrated in the vending machine.

4.0 solution for Companies

Thanks to the integration with Orchestra, Softec’s proprietary cloudbased platform, the vending machine allows to manage the whole process that governs V-commerce, collecting business data to be transformed into insights, integrating perfectly with the production.

In fact, Orchestra acts according to the 4C paradigm: it connects, collects, correlates and communicates the use data of physical and non physical spaces, with the aim of providing information, anonymous or profiled, useful to improve the user experience. In particular, Fratelli Carli can monitor the best-selling products through the vending machine, carry out a targeted replenishment thanks to the connection with the warehouse, track the flow of people and remotely manage the maintenance of the machine in real time.

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