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Like your tattoo, Dislike Hepatitis C

Brief and goals

The non-profit association EPAC asked Softec to develop a social engagement strategy to support the official campaign to prevent Hepatitis C. The focus of the campaign was related to tattooing and the goal to raise awareness,  among tattooers and customers, of Hepatitis C, the methods of contagion and the current treatment options, given the possibility of being infected by exposing themselves to an aesthetic practice like the Tattoo in unauthorized places.

Social activation was Instagram First, considering the target and its tendency to develop the Visual Storytelling of the experience on this channel. The activity has received the patronage of the Italian Tattoo Association.

Engagement & Education

Through a continuous activity of Follower Raid with personalized comments on Tattoo Studios and customers’ Instagram profiles who posted pictures of their tattoos using the most popular hashtags, Epac – in collaboration with the Italian Tattooers Association – has created a relevant relationship with the Tattoo community, focusing on Northern Italy.

A first comment from Epac to the tattoo photos helped raising interest while a call to action invited the accounts to follow the official channel, where any follower could discover a series of contents that, with the simple language of the video infographics, told about the risks of contagion and the small precautions to be taken in order to prevent Hepatitis C.

Content Production

Social Engagement was supported by the production of 3 video-infographics, aimed at providing a series of useful information to know and prevent the risks of contagion of the disease, with an easy language, close to young people. The contents, in addition to the official Epac Instagram channel, have also been posted and sponsored on Facebook throughout the campaign.




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