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The road to Digitalization

Brief and goals

Conveying the Digital Transformation path that Cisco developed for La Marzocco, icon brand in the world of coffee machines: this was our challenge.
A roadmap of digitalization that involved the whole company: from production, where La Marzocco has realised the Industry 4.0 model, to Digital Collaboration among the company’s different departments, from the network connected (IOT) Coffe Machines to the innovative project Academia 4.0.

To transfer all the value of the company and to bring out the role of an enabler played by Cisco Italia, Softec created a Video Storytelling path in 4 video pills distributed on different communication channels in a data driven perspective.

The Storytelling of Digital Transformation

In defining the storytelling strategy together with the client, a number of internal company stakeholders were interviewed, from the CEO to the Head of Innovation up to the Marketing & Communication managers. The final script of the story of the “road to digitalization” was developed around four stories that focused on many strategic moments and innovations: the “Vision of Innovation“, the “Digital Collaboration“, the key project of the IOT “Connected Coffee Machines” and finally the “Academia 4.0” project.

Data Driven Content

The 4 Video Storytelling pills were distributed to hit a corporate target, IT managers or audience with a verified interest in digital transformation. This goal was achieved thanks to a media data driven approach, which allowed us to reach the qualified target with the right content, at the right time, on the right channel, thus generating a high number of leads.


Technology acts as an enabler as it allows us to collect, analyze and activate data in all phases of the digital strategy.


Create personalized, relevant and effective content for customers and prospects.


Distribute them effectively and efficiently, in order to reach the audience most interested in the brand through the correct communication channels and at the right time.


Monitor precise Key Performance Indicators to continuously optimize average performance and return on investments.

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