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Brief and goals

To support 1177 (the icon brand of Calze Ileana) through its Digital Transformation, Softec decided to aim at integrating new digital processes into the company’s business development by exploring new channels of distribution, sales and digital payment.
The “Connected Vending Machine” project represents a strategic milestone which revolutionises the company’s go-to-market, reinterpreting the entire relationship model and interactions with customers and prospects. The technology becomes a way to rethink and transform the Retail channel, reconciling the physical and digital experience in a Continuum Experience in which the Physical Journey continues on digital channels, activating new purchasing cycles. 

Strategic Solution

In a context where consumers are more and more connected and demanding on brands, Softec has studied an omnichannel solution able to support 1177 to know them and convert them into customers throughout all phases of the Customer Journey: from engagement to customer service, to the sale of the product. 

This by planning a “Digical” experience where all physical touchpoints (airports, shopping centres, public places, points of sale) can reconcile with the digital ones in a Retail 4.0 unique Customer Experience.

The “Connected Vending Machine” solution, along with Pepper, the social robot able to understand and converse with consumers, offers an innovative buying experience 4.0, from the supply of product information to the sale.

V-Machine and

Internet of Things

The integration of the Vending Machines with the suite Orchestra allows to control the social robot’s behaviours and to manage the entire process which rules the V-Commerce, gathering business information and converting it into insights.


The monitoring of the different kind of products sold according to the different locations.


A focused restocking of the products, thanks to the link to the warehouse.


Real time maintenance of the V-machines.


Tracking of the flow of people.

"The relationship with the clients is changing radically: we are switching from a phase of "not knowing" our client to a phase where we know exactly our clients needs and behaviours".

Luca Bondioli, CEO Calze Ileana and 1177

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